Calculus Clock Portfolio

Ian Watson - Science Focus Program

Class Taught by Matt Johnson; Block B2

Parts of the Website:

Click on the hour buttons (i.e. "One") to view information and solutions.


All in all I would say that I had a fairly good time working on this portfolio. I found a way to take a manner of presentation that I enjoy working on (websites) and applying skills I learned in math class (that can be used in programming) to show what I have learned in math class. Although this website took longer than expected to create, I enjoyed a majority of the time I put into it, even when there were large errors appearing.

When it comes to what topics I selected, I generally did those that I felt I had a good grasp on, that I could convey well. I especially tried to put some focus on topics that I originally struggled a bit with, so in case someone just so happens to come across this website, it may help them with understanding some of the topics from my first semester calculus class.

The only huge problems I had was coming up with equations and solutions that could correspond to the hours on the clock, and various programming issues that came up with making the clock display the numbers and needles. It is likely that if I had the time to do this project again I would be able to complete it faster because I would know how to avoid some of the errors I came across the first time. Lastly I feel that this project is truly something that I can take a bit of pride in due to the effort and interest I showed in creating it.

- Ian Watson, Science Focus Program Student (December 2019)